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About Us

The Happy Leaves is ...

an Autism and Special Needs therapy center which truly offers a one-stop solution for individuals with learning difficulties and psychological concerns. Our services include administering thorough assessments by registered Clinical Psychologists as well as offering highly-individualized behavior therapy/psychotherapy for children and adults.​

We accept a range of children with learning difficulties (eg: ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Mild Intellectual Impairment and etc) and provide an environment for them to freely express themselves without judgment.


At The Happy Leaves, children are either taught individually or in a small group setting where they are taken care by our highly qualified therapists. Apart from behavior therapy, we also offer arts/music programs to expose children to a variety of experiences. We adopt a holistic approach which integrates the expertise of a multidisciplinary team from a variety of backgrounds (e.g. clinical psychologists, behavior therapists, special needs educators, a family medicine specialist, school personnel etc.). As such, every aspect of your child's health which encompasses physical, emotional, behavioral and social factors will be adequately cared for at The Happy Leaves.

In short, our vision is to establish ourselves as a leading multidisciplinary and holistic organization in promoting a warm and friendly community that upholds and supports the growth of individuals with learning and socio-emotional challenges.

Our Founder

Datin Sri' Janet Chew

I have been struggling to help my autistic son since the day he was diagnosed. I am sure there are many more parents who are eagerly looking for great therapists who can advice and treat their kids.

I wanted to build a center which focuses on the child's growth and values their unique strength. I want to see these children smile happily and enjoy their lives. 

With the help of my Team, I want to share the wonderful moments of parents being able to interact meaningfully with their special kids. 

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