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Adult & Child
Stress. Depression. School Refusal. Anxiety. Trauma. ​

Are you experiencing any of these? You are not alone. 

We understand that it is indeed a struggle to undergo such tremendous stress at this point of life. It is absolutely normal to feel helpless, exhausted, frustrated and sorrowful. Sometimes these feelings might even caused you to feel empty and lonely. At times, it feels as though nobody understand your struggles and some might be dismissive of you. Often times, you might feel you are at fault and would blame yourself for what has happened. 

At The Happy Leaves, we provide a highly safe and secure environment for you to speak about your concerns. Our therapists are certified, qualified and experienced in providing individual psychotherapy sessions for a wide range of psychological concerns. If necessary, our in-house medical doctor will be able to provide any form of medical assistance. 

Feel free to contact us to schedule an initial appointment. 

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